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In the overview PNP shows five timeranges which can be defined in config.php.

Additionally you can influence the timeranges via the URL. This can be useful to automatically create PDF documents. The ranges can be defined using the options “start” and “end”.



The graph will start one week prior to the current date and time. It will end at the current timestamp.

start end view result
all views ending at current timestamp
x all views starting at defined date
x all views ending at defined date
x x one view between the two dates
x one view ending at current timestamp
x x one view starting at defined date
x x one view ending at defined date

Examples of different specifications

format description
2009W04 4. week of 2009
1.5.2009 May, 1st 2009
-1 day one day back
-3 weeks 3 weeks back
-1 year one year back
yesterday yesterday

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