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PNP Template Repository

The place to share your PNP Templates.

PNP Version Template Name Comment
0.6.x integer Generic Template used for integer values
0.6.x check_apachestatus Used with
0.6.x check_mk-df Used with check_mk
0.6.x check_mk-cpu.loads Used with check_mk
0.6.x check_http Used with check_http
0.6.x check_cpu Used with check_cpu
0.6.x check_oracle_health_tablespace-usage Used with check_oracle_health
0.6.5 alerter Example for rrd::alerter function
0.6.5 ticker Example for rrd::ticker function
0.6.5 gradient Example for rrd::gradient function
0.6.x check_wlsagent Used with check_wlsagent
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