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Please see Status dashboard on github
Information below are in archive mode. They are usefull but need updates.

PNP4Nagios-0.6.26 is out now. Go and check for changes!
PNP4Nagios Broker Module npcdmod.o is not compatible with Nagios Core 4.x

PNP4Nagios Documentation is in archive mode.

The documentation of PNP 0.4.x is already transferred from
The documentation of PNP 0.6.x will be extended parallel to the development of this version.

Social Coding

The 0.6.x Code is controlled by GIT SCM located on Sourceforge. You can also find a synced version of this repository on Github. Feel free to fork your own Repo!

The documentation is open

The following pages are editable by registered users. Create an account and contribute to the project.

Contribution welcome

PNP wouldn't be where it it today without the numerous people who contributed over the last years, sometimes only in the background.

Contribution is explicitly welcome, even when not every function can be implemented at once. Starting with version 0.6.x this will change due to the changed architecture.

Furthermore this domain now supports multiple languages so I would be happy if other people add their native language.

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