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New in PNP 0.6.x

PNP 0.6.x Preview

The work on the new version 0.6.x is in full progress.

Starting with version 0.6.x we switch from subversion to GIT. The sourcecode is already available on sourceforge.

Functions implemented already

  • Webfrontend based on Kohana
  • Webfrontend based on jQuery Themes
  • Javascript-functions using jQuery plugins
  • will be able to use one RRD database per datasource
  • improved installer. Specification of directory layouts using –with-layout
  • RRDtool errors are now displayed as images. no more missing images
  • PNP templates cannot overwrite internal variables anymore
  • PNP templates of version 0.4.x can still be used
  • PDF functions recoded
  • Template default.php optimized
  • Export from RRD databases into XML, CSV and JSON format using the RRDtool “xport” function
  • Page functions recoded
  • Error pages links to online FAQ
  • Mouseover Popup in Nagios frontend via jQuery.clueTip plugin
  • Full support of rrdcached

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