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PNP Web Frontend

The behaviour of the PNP Web-Frontend can be controlled through the config file etc/pnp/config.php. This file will be overwritten during updates of PNP as the paths and options are detected during ./configure.

Own adjustments should be made in etc/php/config_local.php. If this file does not exist the file config.php can be taken as a guideline.


Following the most important parameters:

 $conf['rrdtool'] = "/usr/bin/rrdtool";

The path to the RRDtool binary. Will be detected by ./configure.

 $conf['graph_width'] = "500";
 $conf['graph_height'] = "100";

Height and width of the RRD graphs.

 $conf['graph_opt'] = "";

Additional options passed with every call of RRDTool, for example —-slope-mode to smooth the graphs.

 $conf['rrdbase'] = "/usr/local/nagios/share/perfdata/";

The path to the RRD and XML files created by

 $conf['page_dir'] = "/usr/local/nagios/etc/pnp/pages/";

The path to the config file for the pages.

PNP pages will be refreshed every n seconds.

 $conf['refresh'] = "90";

Max. age of RRD files in seconds. After reaching this value links to the graphs will be marked as inactive.

 $conf['max_age'] = 60*60*6;

Base URL to the Nagios CGIs.

 $conf['nagios_base'] = "/nagios/cgi-bin";

List of users who are allowed to view links to the services of the current host.

 $conf['allowed_for_service_links'] = "EVERYONE";

List of users who can view/access the host search field.

 $conf['allowed_for_host_search'] = "EVERYONE";

If PNP is called with a host only ( index.php?host=<myserver> ), the defined user is shown an overview of all services related to this host.

 $conf['allowed_for_host_overview'] = "EVERYONE";

The periods of time the RRD graphs will show are determined using the array $views[]. The title and number of graphs can be specified globally in this place.

$views[0]["title"] = "4 Hours";
$views[0]["start"] = ( 60*60*4 );

$views[1]["title"] = "24 Hours";
$views[1]["start"] = ( 60*60*24 );

$views[2]["title"] = "One Week";
$views[2]["start"] = ( 60*60*24*7 );

$views[3]["title"] = "One Month";
$views[3]["start"] = ( 60*60*24*30 );

$views[4]["title"] = "One Year";
$views[4]["start"] = ( 60*60*24*365 );
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