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Téléchargement de PNP 0.6.x

Dernière version stable de PNP

Vous avez accès aux derniers changements sur

La dernière version est pnp4nagios-0.6.7.tar.gz

Version en cours de développement


Vous obtiendrez la dernière version de la branche GIT HEAD.

Dernière mise à jour: Vendredi 12 Aout 13:55:01 CEST 2011


pnp-0.6.15 ??/??/2011

pnp-0.6.14 08/05/2011

  • Feature: Webinterface for mobile devices based on jQuery Mobile
    ( )
  • Feature: Zoom based on jQuery plugin imgAreaSelect
    ( )
  • Feature: New template check_mssql_health.php
  • Bugfix: Fixed popups to work under nginx ( Joram Agten )
  • Bugfix: Helper rrd::vdef() fixed
  • Update: jQuery update to 1.6.2
  • Update: jQuery-ui update to 1.8.14

pnp-0.6.13 05/19/2011

  • Feature: New option –ignore-hosts added to ( by Jochen Bern )
  • Feature: New options zgraph_width and zgraph_height in config.php ( Mike Liebsch )
  • Bugfix: parse_xml_filename() regex fix
  • Info: Version used by OMD-0.48 OMD

pnp-0.6.12 04/22/2011

  • Feature: mod_gearman support added
  • Feature: is now able to convert all RRDs from RRD_STORAGE_TYPE=SINGLE to RRD_STORAGE_TYPE=MULTIPLE
  • Feature: New template check_gearman.php
  • Feature: Install process_perfdata.cfg and npcd.cfg by default
  • Bugfix: is now able to parse xml dumps created by rrdtool 1.4.x
  • Bugfix: default timeout value set to 15 seconds

pnp-0.6.11 01/15/2011

  • Bugfix: urldecoding fixed
  • Bugfix: Zoom in/out is working again ( Reported by Thorben Soehl )
  • Featue: npcd.cfg - New option perfdata_file_processing_interval used by npcdmod
  • Info: Version used by OMD-0.46 OMD

pnp-0.6.10 12/15/2010

  • Feature: Add RRDTool Option –only-graph if graph height is below 32px to create thumbnails
  • Feature: RRDTool Option –width and –height is now allowed in templates
  • Feature: RRDTool DS Type for UOM of “c” changed from COUNTER to DERIVE
  • Feature: Pass query string from special controller to image controller ( Matthew Garrett )
  • Feature: Authorisation against mk_livestatus API added
  • Feature: Sample nginx webserver config added ( by )
  • Feature: Kohana backport to support PHP 5.1.6 ( Kudos to Andreas Ericsson )
  • Bugfix: Sort list of special templates
  • Bugfix: Urlencode hostname and service description ( Reported by Yannick )
  • Bugfix: corrected warning/critical thresholds in ticker/alerter functions

pnp-0.6.7 09/27/2010

  • Bugfix: Page config parser fix (Beau Gunderson)
  • Bugfix: Zoom window size fixed (Report by Rudolf Labuschagne)
  • Bugfix: Fixed undefined offset while using 'ds_name' in templates (Reported by Vladimir Bilik)
  • Bugfix: Npcdmod respects process_perf_data option used in hosts and services definitions ( Reported by Wolfgang Barth )
  • Template: New Template check_nagiostats.php used with check_nagiostats written by Jochen Bern

pnp-0.6.6 08/07/2010

  • Bugfix: Fixed max amount of graphs per template
  • Bugfix: Autodetect PNP base URL
  • Bugfix: Too short npcdmod perfdata_template to take perfdata + overhead, increased +1024byte
  • Bugfix: Ignore files in var/perfdata and check for empty directories
  • Bugfix: Reducing memory usage while parsing page config (Laurent Freval)

pnp-0.6.5 07/09/2010

  • Feature: Special Templates are back tpl_special
  • Feature: New rrdtool helper functions makes template design easier tpl_helper
  • Feature: config.php → 'recursive_template_search' is enabled by default
  • Feature: config.php → 'template_dirs' is now an array of directorys to search for PNP templates

pnp-0.6.4 06/03/2010

  • Update: jQuery Update to 1.4.2
  • Update: jQuery-ui Update to 1.8
  • Feature: New configure Option –with-base-url
  • Template: New template check_ntp_time.php (Mathias Kettner)
  • Feature: New i18n files for fr_FR (Yannig Parre)
  • Feature: New jQuery Theme 'multisite'

pnp-0.6.3 03/16/2010

  • Feature: New helper script libexec/ → rrd_convert
  • Bugfix: Ignore old XML files while building the service list
  • Template: New template check_hpasm.php
  • Bugfix: Installer now checks for json_decode()
  • Workaround: Allow “trailing unfilled semicolons”. Workaround for nsclient++
  • Template: Updates for check_openmanage.php, check_hp_bladecenter.php and check_dell_baldecenter.php ( Trond Hasle Amundsen )“

pnp-0.6.2 12/23/2009

  • Feature: XML_WRITE_DELAY option added to process_perfdata.cfg as suggested by Mathias Kettner
  • Feature: New template integer.php
  • Update: FPDI update to 1.3.1
  • Feature: PNP will now work with lighttpd and php-cgi
  • Template: check_mk-ps.perf.php added ( by Mathias Kettner )
  • Feature: PNP will now work without mod_rewrite → webfe
  • Bugfix: Wrong pdf link used on site 'pages' and 'basket'
  • Bugfix: Incorrect group permissions on spool directory

pnp-0.6.1 11/22/2009

  • Feature: RRD heartbeat per check_command → tpl_custom
  • Feature: New config.php option pdf_graph_opt
  • Feature: Recognize the 'background_pdf' option in page definitions → pages
  • Feature: Recognize the 'source' option in page definitions → pages
  • Feature: Array $TIMERANGE now available for templates → timeranges
  • Bugfix: ./configure –sysconfdir no longer ignored
  • Feature: Store internal runtime statistics on a per minute base
  • Feature: Added two widgets views/widget_menu.php and views/widget_graph.php

pnp-0.6.0 10/30/2009

  • Webfrontend based on Kohana
  • Webfrontend based on jQuery Themes
  • Javascript-functions using jQuery plugins
  • will be able to use one RRD database per datasource
  • improved installer. Specification of directory layouts using –with-layout
  • RRDtool errors are now displayed as images. no more missing images
  • PNP templates cannot overwrite internal variables anymore
  • PNP templates of version 0.4.x can still be used
  • PDF functions recoded
  • Template default.php optimized
  • Export from RRD databases into XML, CSV and JSON format using the RRDtool “xport” function
  • Page functions recoded
  • Error pages links to online FAQ
  • Mouseover Popup in Nagios frontend via jQuery.clueTip plugin
  • Full support of rrdcached

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